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Hurt in a Car Accident?

Our Greenville car accident lawyer can help you!

Almost every person who drives regularly will be involved in at least one collision in their lifetime, whether a minor fender bender or a serious high-speed accident. In these cases, it is helpful to discuss the matter with an experienced attorney who can offer legal insight into the situation. A Greenville car accident attorney can help with your insurance claim and in ensuring you receive the full financial compensation you deserve after being injured.

A car accident may bring physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial difficulties caused by mounting medical bills and lost wages from missed work. Getting compensation for these issues can be challenging though and may require a trial. Attorney Burch is no stranger to litigation: he has litigated more than 150 jury trials in civil cases which ranged from fender benders to serious injury cases. Our firm can argue fiercely on your behalf in court or in a settlement so you recover the damages you need to move forward with your life in the wake of an accident.

We Are Ready to Fight for You

At Burch Law Office, we understand just how traumatic a car accident may be. We are here to offer you the help you need if you were injured or lost a family member because of another driver's reckless behavior. We have handled countless car accident cases and can put this experience to use for your case.

Some of the types of car accident cases we handle include:

No matter the particular type or severity of your car collision, we are confident in our ability to help you during this difficult time. The last thing on your mind after an accident may be taking legal action. However, a skilled legal professional can actually work to alleviate much of the stress you are experiencing.

What should I do after a car accident?

After a person is involved in a car accident, they may be left wondering what the best course of action may be to handle the resulting insurance claim. A Greenville car accident lawyer can help by not only assisting you in filing your insurance claim but in handling any negotiations with your or the other driver's insurer to reach a settlement that is fair and just.

Far too often, car accident victims choose to forgo legal counsel and end up agreeing to insurance settlements that do not fully cover the injuries and other damages they have experienced. With the proper amount of pressure by a skilled lawyer, the insurance company can be persuaded into offering a fair settlement. And if not, you will always have the option of taking your case to civil court.

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Your initial consultation with attorney Timothy E. Burch is free and confidential. The firm also works on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not pay any legal fees unless we recover a settlement on your behalf or win your case in civil court. You do not have time to waste—the other person's defense lawyer and insurer will work hard to keep from paying you a just settlement so get started today!

Get started today by contacting our firm for proven counsel.

Our firm takes on cases throughout Eastern North Carolina from our offices in Greenville, including throughout all of Pitt County, Lenoir County, Greene County, Martin County, and Beaufort County

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